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Business of Yoga Part 2

April 22-Part 2   After taking this class you will be more prepared to take your yoga teaching out into the world and create a career and life that works […]

Arm Balances and Inversions

If you are new to the practice of arm balances, then this is for you. If you seek a better understanding of what you are currently practicing, then learn the […]

AcroYoga Foundations

Saturday, April 15 12:30-3:30p AcroYoga is the Yoga of Trust. This physical practice combines yoga and acrobatics to create beautiful and balanced movements between two people. This workshop provides a […]

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What We Believe

Located off of Main Street in Chattanooga’s bustling Southside, Peace.Strength.Yoga is the Scenic City’s only one-stop-shop for yoga and barre. Offering a holistic approach to traditional practices, as well as a schedule designed to provide classes accessible to participants of all levels, PSY exists to bring happiness and peace to anyone who walks through the door.

Peace.Strength.Yoga offers an inviting and relaxing space to deepen one’s practice, especially for those looking to take a leap towards transforming, healing, and accepting the challenge of creating the best version of themselves.

At Peace.Strength.Yoga, what truly matters is simply showing up.

who we are


I’ve stretched and sweated with Kaylee for about a year now, and I will say, that her program has changed my quality of life. The weekly yoga sessions, as well as practicing on my own, not only completely alleviated my neck pain, but also increased my flexibility and rock climbing ability as a result.

I’d say she’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She brings unbridled enthusiasm to every class, as well as a weirdly endearing sense of humor, solid tunes, and lots of smiles.

-Dave K. for Corporate/Group Yoga, 2015

Beautiful space. Wonderful teachers! This new studio is full of love.


I’m hooked. Baby steps are exactly how I end up climbing a mountain, and I’ve been able to take those steps here! I have enjoyed the Wednesday morning Yin class a few times and I’m not stopping!

-Leslie Lynn

Kaylee has a genuine love and appreciation for yoga and for sharing the joy and peace she has found through her practice. Kaylee’s classes are playful but challenging. I often found myself smiling or even laughing during some of the harder poses which resulted in helping me to either stretch that extra inch or hold the pose for those extra seconds. Her appreciation for yoga is contagious and really makes you feel that yoga is for everyone- and this is coming from someone who previously was not fully “sold” on yoga as a routine practice. I highly recommend any of Kaylee’s yoga or barre classes for both the yoga newbie and veteran alike.

-Shannon S. for group yoga, Barre, and Strictly Stretching classes, 2015


Drop-In Rate

$15 /Class

-Any Class
-Each time you attend

5-Punch Pass

$55 /Pack

-Any 5 classes you wish to take

EFT Membership

$95 /Month

3 month commitment

-Unlimited visits/classes per week
-Special discounts on workshops and classes outside of the studio
-Discounts at select local businesses
-$45 Early cancellation fee (before the first 3 months)
-14 Day cancellation notice required