Foundations of AcroYoga with the AcroSprites

Mondays from 7:15-9:15pm                                                                                                                                       August 29 – October 2

AcroYoga is the Yoga of Trust. This physical practice combines yoga and acrobatics to create beautiful and balanced movements between two people. This workshop provides a safe environment to explore trust, connection, and playfulness. We will cover the fundamental concepts of AcroYoga including proper body mechanics, core control, spotting, and balance. We will learn the postures, transitions, and techniques foundational to a safe and creative practice.

This will be a six week progressive series, with each week building upon skills learned the previous week. Foundational skills will be taught over the first four weeks, with the final two being an opportunity to begin exploring your new skills in a more creative way. There is an option to sign up for only the first four weeks.

Come alone or bring a friend! No experience necessary, only a willingness to learn and do amazing things. Be ready to work hard and play harder!

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