300 Hour Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training with Dolly

300 Hour Shamanic Yoga Teacher Training with Dolly

A 300-hour Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher training program!
Composed of four 8-day modules, beginning in November of 2017 and culminating in June of 2018.

The essence of this training is in helping you access the infinite wisdom that resides within you, to discover the authentic gifts and medicines that you were born with, and help you refine how you bring them into the world. You will gather experiences that facilitate and deepen your connection with nature, the elements, spirit and your very precious self. You will release fears and limiting self-beliefs and replace them with unconditional love and acceptance for the perfection of life’s unfolding. You will explore the richness of your sacred consciousness and learn how to allow that to inform your life and your teaching. This is an immersion into the nature of your wild and wonderful uniqueness, as well as a celebration of all that you came into being to express.

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