Whirly Birds- Kids Yoga with Balance Studio

     Whirly Birds: PreK-2nd

Get ready to twirl, twist, and take flight! In Whirly Bird yoga, children will have a great time learning yoga basics through playful movement and games! Students will gain strength and flexibility and will learn breathing techniques to help calm their bodies and minds.

Thursdays 4:30-5:30
Session I: January 25 – March 1

                                                                   Session II: March 8- April 19 (no 4/5 class)

Balance Blueprint Program

Our Balance Blueprint program allows children to track their progress and accomplishments in yoga. There are seven stages beginning with “I am ready,” and ending with “I am balanced.” Each stage is marked by a custom Balance Blueprint sticker that permanently adheres to yoga mats. Children who complete all stages are strong, thoughtful, patient, and confident. They are aware of their own strengths and abilities and ready to share these strengths with the world.

Click the link to sign your child up for some peace and excitement!