Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan Four Weeks Series.

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Saturday, July 28- August 18


Kundalini Yoga is an ancient art and science dealing with the transformation and expansion of consciousness, the awakening and raising of Kundalini Energy up the spine through energy centers called Chakras utilizing the body through Pranayama (breath work), movement, mudras (hand configurations) , mantras (sound) and asanas (postures).

Kundalini Yoga Fundamentals offers students the chance to experience the primary aspects of Kundalini Yoga as a way to stretch and build strength while connecting to the core self. Each class will include a warm-up series with basic stretches and light movement, followed by a kriya (yoga set) with a specific energetic focus. The focus of the kriyas will change from week to week. Each class will end with a short meditation designed to best realize the energetic benefits of the kriya. Kundalini Yoga is very different than other styles of yoga, does not emphasize traditional postures, and offers many types of modifications, therefore students of all levels are encouraged to attend.

$100 for all 4 weeks, $30 drop in rate

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