Fall Equinox

Saturday, September 22nd, 3-5p

Ladies, we hear you. We’ve been reading every single one our your messages about joining our community + wanting to be a part of our next circle. We’re excited to know that you’ve heard the call + even more excited that you want to gather in circle with us! Aaahh! The power of sisterhood + ceremony!

So we are STOKED to announce our next public gathering to celebrate the Fall Equinox.

The Fall Equinox begins the Earth Mother’s decent into the darker half of the year, bringing us all along with her.

As the days become shorter + darker, our energy levels dwindle. pulling us inward to a natural state of introspection. When we surrender to the cycles of the Earth Mother + allow ourselves to fall inward, we are able to witness the letting go that happens within our own being. Just like the leaves of the trees fall away, so too, do our old habits + patterns that will no longer serve us when we move back into the light of the new spring.

So join us for an afternoon of yoga + ceremony + sound healing. We’ll move our bodies in celebration of a new season + hold space in ceremony to welcome her with gratitude + balance ourselves energetically with the magik of a healing sound bath to close.

GreenWitch will be popping up with all of our magikal offerings + holding space for a LIMITED number of Tarot Readings. The first 10 people to sign up receive a FREE GIFT.

Click the link here to grab that gift