Unmasked: Revealing the Rhythms of Your True Self

Led by Stephanie Jones & Kaylee Frano Saturday, November 3rd 3-5p


Are you ready to feel more aligned with who you truly are? Are you ready to amplify a heart-centered and intuitively-inspired state of being?

Old ways do not open new doors. Each of us moves through life with emotional scars, and we put on masks as part of our survival mechanisms, especially during times when we feel triggered or derailed by life. The masks we wear are the stories and excuses we tell ourselves that prevent us from taking care of ourselves.You cannot fully love yourself if you continue to hate everything that shaped you.

In this workshop, we will learn practices for compassionately unraveling the conditioning, limiting beliefs and stories that create the masks we wear. When we learn to embrace our innate worth, we begin the process of resolving inner and outer conflict. Our inner truth allows us to respond from a place of authenticity, which frees us from our masks.

Our “unmasking” will involve a gentle yoga practice, guided journaling for exposing the hidden truths of our limiting beliefs, ancient healing practices and meditation for letting go of negative self perception. Create your own meaningful return to wholeness and move with the rhythms of your True Self.

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