Holiday Magik: The Act of Surrender and The Art of Giving + Receiving

Wednesday, December 19th 6p-7:30p

This time of year finds our culture incredibly preoccupied with pleasing + catering to others. The Earth, her cycles + the darker days invite us into a space of deep inquiry, holding the container for us to reflect on the year that’s passed + the year that’s ahead. In this workshop, you’ll be able to nourish yourself with ancient practices fused with intuitive wisdom, bringing yourself into a deeper state of balance, contentment, + joy.

In this workshop, you’ll move through a grounding, yin inspired flow, guided meditation, breath work, + journaling prompts. We’ll close the evening with a loving, guided ritual practice, where we’ll seed intentions for the next turning of the wheel + the year ahead.

Investment: $30

Come prepared with: a yoga mat, a journal, an open heart, + anything you’d like to add to the altar.

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