100 HR – Barre Teacher Training

Give Us 100-HOURS

We’ll Show You How to Bring Attitude to the Mat…


Choose Your Journey:

  • – Perfect your practice
  • – Become a teacher
  1. How it works?
    • Perfecting your practice means you ONLY attend weekly sessions at your St.Elmo Virtual studio (with a few Saturday Workshops as a collective group).
  2. To become a Certified Barre Teacher you must also attend EVERY Saturday Intensive Workshops.

When and how much?



Monday, Wednesdays, Fridays – 6:00-9:00p

Feb 9, 11, 14, 16, 18 | March 9, 11, 14, 16, 18 | April 6, 8, 11, 13, 15

Practicum Hours – Saturdays & Sundays – 12:00-8:00p

Feb 26, 27| March 26, 27 | April 23,24

Breakdown of Hours

  1. Perfecting your Practice: 30 Group Hours
  2. Certified Teacher: 80 Group Hours

Practicum weekend schedules are flexible. You will use this time to practice teaching alongside your fellow trainees to help you retain all that you will be learning.

*You have two years to finish your training to be able to transfer your initial credits.


Perfecting your practice: $900                                                                                     Certified Training: $1,900
$500 non-refundable deposit due upon registration*
Save $200 when you register early!

Early Bird Registration Deadline for Winter: January 1st

*Early bird discount will be applied to the deposit, if applicable.
**Specialized payment plans are available upon request


PLEASE CONTACT US AT info@peacestrengthyoga.com


Led by Kaylee Frano, eRYT-200

Peace.Strength.Yoga’s Founder

Our transformational 100hr barre teacher training program is a whole-hearted, life-changing engagement.  This training provides all the proper tools needed to start your path as a confident, accomplished, and thoughtful barre teacher. The heart of the training focuses on drawing forth your personal strengths, creativity, knowledge, and authentic voice. Throughout the three-month course, you gain the skills needed to teach barre to all levels of students from beginner to advanced.

Our experts and guides have all started exactly where you are, by sharing their years of experience and specialized skills you will be provided with exposure and inspiration to all the possibilities a career in yoga will bring.

 Love your job. Live inspired. Be a pioneer for change. 

AFTER Peace.Strength.Yoga’s training you’ll know…

  • Asana (postures)
  • Professional practice, ethics & the grace and grit lifestyle 
  • The art of hands-on adjustments
  • Modifications for injury & special populations
  • Pranayama (breathing practices)
  • Understanding the art of concentration, ahimsa, and meditation
  • Dynamic anatomy and an in-depth understanding of human anatomy
  • Designing well-built classes and curating your playlists
  • Barre history & philosophy
  • Business & marketing of barre

Our curriculum includes:

1. The Peace.Strength.Yoga Philosophy

It’s real-world training for real people, which means that our curriculum doesn’t just teach you how to teach barre—it teaches you how to manage all that comes with the role. From managing a class full of people to handling delicate matters, to avoiding some of the more challenging aspects of being a leader. We emphasize real-life scenarios in an effort to prepare you to become a “force of strong nature teacher” from all angles, giving you a skillset most instructors are forced to learn on their own. Our program strives to empower our students on a level beyond the physical, to go forth and be brave in this world and consider mental strength as an equally important asset.

2. The History of Barre

Every barre class is not made equal—and there’s a reason why. In this section of the curriculum, you’ll learn the theory behind authentic barre, born of thought, tenacity, and a thorough background in movement. With this knowledge, you will further comprehend how you can use your credentials and demonstrate in a genuine and legitimate way.

3. Attributes of a Phenomenal Barre Teacher

In the years we’ve been training new instructors, we’ve developed over 30 attributes we’ve found to be a positive addition to any class’s repertoire. For example, do you know what every barre student’s favorite word is? How about the best way to make a class fly by and make students excited to come back for more? In this portion of the curriculum, we’ll discuss what works, and what doesn’t, and help you to create your own signature style.

4. The Artful Engineering of a Barre Class

Beyond excellence in technique, method, and order; variety is always a significant factor for making an exceptional class. Student engagement—and enjoyment—is critical, and students must continue to be challenged in thoughtful ways without leaving newbie’s behind. During this part of the training, we’ll reveal our methods for accomplishing the ideal with both strategy and efficiency, and walk you step-by-step through the development of your own.

5. Anatomy 101

The science of how we move is just as important as the practice itself. During this portion of the training, we’ll be putting you through a rigorous but fascinating curriculum designed to enable you to understand the human anatomy as a whole, speak intelligently and authoritatively about the muscle groups that students are using, why and how these muscles work together, what proper and safe alignment looks like, and how to provide safe modifications for anything under the sun.

6. Injury and Pregnancy Modification

Finally, as a barre instructor, you’ll be helping many different students of all shapes, sizes, fitness levels, and limitations. It is our job to give you the tools you need to safely and intelligently provide substitutions so all students can participate while still being individually challenged at the appropriate level. Injuries and pregnancies are common to barre class, and bringing your expert A-game will ensure that your students stay happy—and you stay confident.

7. Music, Rhythm, and Implementation

One of the components of barre that makes it so exciting—and that is particularly pumping for students is the music component. That said, pulling any old random track into your class might not be the best idea. Selecting music for barre is an art form in its own right. You’ll learn how to navigate tempo changes, break down the structure of a song, and tap into the power of rhythm to ensure students are working their hardest. Here, we’ll teach you the finer points of selecting and curating music playlists designed to match your own signature style, while still keeping true to the movements. These selections include transitioning out of those movements, as well, and creating an amazing experience that makes time fly.

8. The Four Agreements

One of the pieces of the Peace.Strength.Yoga curriculum that’s especially relevant is our emphasis on something called The Four Agreements, originally developed by a philosopher named Miguel Ruiz. The Four Agreements are four simple contracts you make with yourself in order to lead a happier, more fulfilling life; however, we’ve found these to be particularly useful within the studio setting as well. As you practice The Four Agreements, your life won’t just change—the way you handle every situation will. And this is a critical piece of being a smart, savvy barre teacher who can manage herself with as much grace in the world as she does a plié.


Who should attend this course? 

Serious students of any level of ability. This program offers instruction in beginning, intermediate, and advanced methods of asanas (poses) and pranayama (breathing). It is ideal for those who want to immerse themselves in an intense discipline either to begin or to deepen a practice. Advanced techniques will be explored in some of the specialty classes.

I’m a barre teacher already, can I benefit from this program?

Absolutely. There is not a single Barre Teacher Training in the Chattanooga area! This course is designed to expand your knowledge of the theory, practices of barre, and is the only training of it’s kind in the South that is 100 hours!

I missed a class/intensive. What would I do to make it up?

If you need to miss a class or a weekend workshop you can make it up for free the next teacher training and receive a provisional certification in the meantime. Full expiration is in one year from the initial start of training. If these options do not work for your schedule, you can make your own arrangements to attend a class or workshop with the same teacher on your own time and money.

It sounds so convenient. Is this too good to be true?

Believe it. You will find this is one of the most affordable and all-encompassing programs around.

How long do I need to have been practicing barre to enroll?

One year of barre practice suggested to enroll in this program, but sometimes special exceptions are made for dedicated students with experience in similar disciplines.

What books are required?

The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz


Barre Training at Peace.Strength.Yoga was overall a challenge and yet a great experience!  I would recommend this training to anyone who wants to deepen their practice in barre and/or wants to teach others. We not only learn the postures but the benefits, how to keep students safe, and personally, this was a time of growth for me.

Barre teacher training was a wonderful, beautiful and fun experience. I would highly recommend it! Not only did I feel support throughout the whole process but the one on one training I received from Kaylee was invaluable. While learning and having so much fun you can see quick and visible results in your own practice. I very much enjoyed the time we spent in class because she broke it down for us but also made it fun and gave everyone a chance to practice in a safe learning environment.

Maggie, Graduated 2017

Barre teacher training was such an amazing experience. Not only was it packed with learning the essentials of being a great instructor, we also went through all the details of proper alignment and adjustments for numerous postures. I loved learning the perspective and techniques of the many instructors who assisted in our training. My absolute favorite part of Barre teacher training was the community and friendships that were created throughout.

Andi-Graduated Winter BTT 2016

When I completed the 100-hr Barre teacher training, it made my heart so full. I was a dancer throughout my life and wasn’t sure how I could still get my body moving to fill the void that I had from dancing. I never expected to teach and was worried it wasn’t going to be enough. But after completing the barre teacher training, it showed me this was everything I needed and more. I formed friendships from some amazing women that I value and see almost daily still. I learned so much with hands on experience, details of the body, and we went deeper with other tools to use. Kaylee was so helpful and encouraging especially when I needed that extra push to be ready to start teaching a section and my first full class. This was one of the best decisions I made and would do it all again.

Jennifer- Graduated 2016