Heather Veron

 Where are you from originally? Kingsport, TN

How long have you lived in Chattanooga? 10 years

Tell us about your childhood:  I was raised with my younger brother by my Mom in a single parent home.  I quickly learned the importance of strength.  My Mom raised us both to be fiercely independent and strong.  I have fond memories of riding my bike all over town listening to homemade mixed tapes on my red Sony Walkman!

Do you have a nickname?  HeathAR or Heath-ER.  Got those both in college, enough said!

When were you introduced to yoga? Yoga was a New Year’s resolution a couple years ago.  I walked into a class with the most amazing instructor.  It was a Yin style class in which the instructor sang songs instead of playing music.  Her voice brought tears to my eyes.  I was connecting spiritually with the practice.  At that moment, I knew for the first time in a long time, I was exactly where I needed to be.  From that deep place of awareness, yoga will always be in my life.  

How does yoga and the community play a role in your life?  Yoga is very much a part of my spiritual practice.  It’s how I connect– not just to myself–but others as well.  I have met so many like-minded souls within the yoga community.  Each teaching me something new.  I am so grateful for the yoga community in Chattanooga.

What pose do you love the most and why? Pigeon.  I feel as though it’s a space for me to grow, allow, and reflect.  The benefits of this deep hip opener can be felt long after leaving the mat.

What is your favorite quote? “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.  Today I am wise, so I am changing myself”- Rumi