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New here? We've got you covered, with the greatest number of classes for beginners and stretching professionals alike.

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Here's the easiest way to tell if you are a beginner :

1. Are you  intimidated about barre, yoga, acro, or all of the above?

2. Not sure which class you should sign up for, or worried that it’s only for graceful, fit people who are dancers (it’s absolutely not)

3. Thinking about trying it but, "something" always seems to get in the way

4. Just want to try something new—for your body, for your mind, and for your own personal health

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Our Honorary Membership is available to new members for a full 30 days of honorary access to the studios, in which you can get a taste of what it's like to be a PSY Monthly Member! Pop in anytime and give our classes a whirl for a special, ultra-low rate — without being locked into an auto-pay commitment. Just a straight 30 days of peace the moment you walk through the door. 

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Classes for YOU

We have 75 classes at your disposal between both studios! We get it, that's a LOT of classes. So, here are some that we have made specific for beginners to our space and yoga:

Each of these classes are put in order of difficulty. From just laying on the floor to more movement.

                                                                                    If you need stretching in your life go to:

Yoga for Athletic Recovery
This class is great for all leveled yogi's. It is perfect for the "during commercial push up enthusiast" all the way to the most elite athletes!
As we guide you through series of highly effective stretching exercises, you will realize (very quickly) this is the class was what you were missing in your training regime. 

This class is based mostly on the floor. If you are hoping to take it slow and really connect your breathe to your body, this is the class for you. Open to all leveled students, this class is more about quieting the mind with soft music, and using props to open the body.

Yin Journaling Yoga

Great for all leveled yogi's. This class is based mostly on the floor. If you are hoping to take it slow and really connect your breathe to your body, this is the class for you. 

Open to all leveled students, this class is more about quieting the mind with soft music, and using props to open the body.

Take out your journal and let go of anything and everything on paper. This is a safe place for you to enjoy a different way to release and be present on your mat.

Hoping to move more, with a better understanding of safety? Go to: 


Great for all level Yogis. Yin Yasana is a mindful combination of Vinyasa flow and Yin Yoga. Class begins with pranayama (breath work) and the slow awakening of the muscles within the body, then continues through a beginner level vinyasa flow. The second half of class focuses on letting go and sustained holds in poses targeting hips, hamstrings and the lower back. Leave feeling balanced and restored!

Yoga Fundamentals

This class will move through basic yoga poses, building core strength and flexibility in order to continue to advance in your practice. We will concentrate on improving our alignment safely, as well as connecting our breath with movement.


Great for all leveled yogi's. This class allows students to work mindfully in their practice, focusing on alignment based flow that aims to skillfully build strength, balance, and supported posture, and endurance.




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  • Free parking can be found on St.Elmo Ave, and around the building.


  • If you cannot make it to your scheduled class, please cancel at least 4 hours in
    advance via your online account.
  • These policies are designed to make sure those who wish to come to class can
    reserve a space, and those on the wait-list can be notified in time to roll out
    their mats!
  • You can cancel your reservation via your account up to 4 hours prior to the
    start of class.
  • Cancelled reservations in the early cancellation window (more than 4 hours
    prior to class start time) result in the class being returned to your account to be
    used at a future date. Late cancels (inside the 4 hours prior to class) or no-shows
    will result in the loss of the class and you will be charged as attending.
  • Please be aware that spaces will be released five minutes prior to the start of
    class to individuals on the wait-list/walk-ins, so please be sure to arrive at least
    five minutes before class.
  • We understand emergencies happen; email us in case of extenuating circumstances.
  • There is a 100% no refund policy for all gift cards

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Today was my first time at PSY and had a perfect first experience. Kaylee was extremely personable making the class quality but still fun and interactive for a great practice. Also, the facilities were great. My wife and I will certainly be back. Thanks again, Kaylee!

-TJ Gephart

Everyone is very friendly and takes the time to make newcomers feel very welcome! Challenging and doable.

-Peri McIntosh

Best yoga studio I’ve been to. Very welcoming and gives individual feedback for postures.

-Susie Bousquet

An unpretentious and playful environment to learn and grow in your practice.

-Regina Blades

I’ve stretched and sweated with Kaylee for about a year now, and I will say, that her program has changed my quality of life. The weekly yoga sessions, as well as practicing on my own, not only completely alleviated my neck pain, but also increased my flexibility and rock climbing ability as a result.

I’d say she’s one of the best teachers I’ve ever had. She brings unbridled enthusiasm to every class, as well as a weirdly endearing sense of humor, solid tunes, and lots of smiles.

-Dave K. for Corporate/Group Yoga, 2015

Beautiful space. Wonderful teachers! This new studio is full of love.


I’m hooked. Baby steps are exactly how I end up climbing a mountain, and I’ve been able to take those steps here! I have enjoyed the Wednesday morning Yin class a few times and I’m not stopping!

-Leslie Lynn

My first visit to PSY and I’m in love. Kaylee led a beautiful Rise & Flow class this morning that was just what I needed. After I just wanted to snuggle up on the couch with Mia and enjoy the ambiance of the studio. I will definitely return and explore all the other options this fantastic studio offers.

-Beth Wood Oberle