Shannon Hunt

Where are you from originally? California

How long have you lived in Chattanooga?  I’ve lived in Chattanooga for 5.5 years now!

Tell us about your childhood: I grew up within walking distance of the ocean in California, and within a twenty minute drive to Disneyland. My other three siblings and I were homeschooled through middle school, so we spent a lot of time together getting into trouble on our bikes, escaping to the beach, and stubbing our bare toes on the walnut trees at my grandparent’s farm. Our family life was chaotic, but the backdrop of our hometown was idyllic enough for us to hardly notice what was unusually hard. I was raised around an excess of money and a lack of deep connections, which is why I find Chattanooga so enriching. As much I miss the dreamy landscape of California, my “inner landscape” has been enriched here, in the South, more than I thought possible.

Do you have a nick name? Sometimes people call me Shan.

When were you introduced to Yoga? I started yoga when I was 16. I had some soccer injuries that permitted me from playing, so I found a bikram studio and went regularly. I took it up more seriously as a freshman in college, and got pretty competitive with myself! I’m easing back into it now, after having my little girl 6 months ago.

Describe your childcare experience. I have 4 years of nanny experience, and 6 months experience as a mother. I have watched children with disability, disease, and behavioral differences. I think the phrase “childcare expert” is an oxymoron, but I would say I’m rather capable of taking care of littles.

What appeals to you about taking care of children? I love their vulnerability to life and love. My daughter smiles at me as if I could never hurt her! And I love children’s perspective of the world. It’s usually profound, if not hilarious.

What is your favorite quote? “Character—the willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life—is the source from which self-respect springs.” -Joan Didion