Susan Lambert

Where are you from originally? Vermont

How long have you lived in Chattanooga? Three months

Tell us about your childhood: I grew up revering two older brothers, riding my bike, doing cartwheels and gymnastics, playing basketball, dancing, taking pictures and making things with whatever I could get my hands on…Really, I haven’t changed all that much.

Do you have a nick name? Suz

When were you introduced to Yoga? I started practicing in Boulder, CO in 2000.

How do yoga and the community play a role in your life? Yoga enhances every single part of my life.  I believe in order to live fully, we must connect personally, locally and globally.  Yoga helps me remember my authentic self and as I engage in my community and the world.

What pose do you love the most and why? Anything upside-down!  Being upside-down is FUN and a perfect metaphor for life:  We have to shift our perspective in order to find empathy and see the world and each other more clearly.

What is your favorite quote? “Everything that arises is fresh.  It is the essence of realization.”-Pema Chodron